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Grow Your Own Boss

Grow Your Own Boss is for those who are forced to work weekends and have to endure motivational speeches of jargon picked from the dictionary of Dr. Seuss and George Bush.

This scarily little boss appreciates your hard work whilst turning a blind eye to the fact you’re on Facebook for half the day and playing computer minesweeper for the rest. Come in at 9.30am, heck make it 12am or whenever you please. If you’re fed up of being underpaid and overworked then do something about it! This Grow Your Own Boss never says no to a pay rise. Rest assured though that if you feel like working in your underwear whilst wearing a cowboy hat and whistling the theme tune to The Golden Girls, you will not be judged, well, by your new boss anyway. Simply place your new boss in a pot of water and watch them expand to 600% their original size.

All About The Product

  • The Grow Your Own Boss will grow up to 600% of its original size when put into water!
  • When removed it will slowly shrink back to it's original size
  • Colours vary. If you have preference between a male or female boss, please let us know in the box provided above. We cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to meet your request, but we’ll try our best!
  • Your new boss measures approx 2.5 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm
  • Great novelty gifts for all ages

If your new boss starts to annoy you, simply take them out of the water and watch them slowly shrink back to their original size so you can laugh and mock them at will.

Grow Your Own Boss

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