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Set off your gender reveal with a BANG using this pink confetti filled gender reveal smoke cannon
Each gender reveal paint cannon measures 30cm in legnth

Surprise your guests or the mummy to be with our pink gender reveal smoke cannon. Announce your new baby girl with a bang - this gender reveal paint cannon will let out a puff of coloured pink smoke with a scattering of pink confetti to make your gender reveal extra special.

The pink and navy packaging is gender neutral so family and friends will not know what colour confetti is going to cascade out of the cannon revealing a pink confetti explosion. There is a pink sticker on the cannon to identify the pink confetti inside. Remove the sticker before your guests arrive to keep the gender a mystery!

Each pack contains

1 girl pink gender reveal cannon measuring 30cm (H) by 4.5cm (W) -for use outside only.

Paint may stain.

Once opened the smoke will last for an estimated 60 seconds in total

Pink Gender Reveal Smoke Cannon With Confetti

SKU: GR-132
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