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This arch is made on site with air-inflated balloons, all built on a frame with a swirl pattern throughout.

We create it in your colour scheme using upto 4 colours.

Perfect as a backdrop for a photos.

Sizes Available

Arch Size (Approimately)

20 Linear Feet (Photo Above)

  • Frame size - 12ft wide x 8ft high
  • Inside measurement - 10ft wide x 7ft high
  • Minimum space reqiured - 14ft wide x 10ft high

25 Linear Feet

  • Frame size - 14ft wide x 11ft high
  • Inside measurement - 12ft wide x 10ft high
  • Minimum space reqiured - 16ft wide x 13ft high

30 Linear Feet

  • Frame size - 17ft wide x 13ft high
  • Inside measurement - 15ft wide x 12ft high
  • Minimum space reqiured - 19ft wide x 15ft high


A refundable deposit will be required for hire of the frame unless booked via a wedding co-ordintor.



Spiral Balloon Arch

PriceFrom 125,00 €
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